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Range of services of Polymer Synthesis

The area for polymer synthesis has a flexible polymerizations pilot plant and modern laboratories. With this and our extensive knowledge in the field, we are at the disposal of our clients as competent partners in the development and scale-up of new polymer products and completing polymer synthesis and processes. Upon request we create from samples up to tons. Depending on the project focus, our work may even start with the formulation and product development in the laboratory.


Our services

  • development and adjustment of polymer systems
  • determination of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of polymer synthesis
  • conversion of procedures from a laboratory synthesis scale into a pilot scale (up to 1000 L reactor volume)
  • optimization of the reaction control up to the process development
  • modeling/simulation and optimization of procedures and procedural steps
  • physical-chemical characterization of polymers
  • custom synthesis: production of small and test batches
  • development of formulas and synthesis routes on a laboratory scale
  • process development and scale-up
  • synthesis from sample amounts to tons


Our focus

  • synthetic rubber and elastomers
  • polycondensates such as polyester and polyamide
  • and many other material systems


Polymer synthesis departments

  • Synthesis and Product Development | Flow and laboratory research and project management
  • Scale-up and Pilot Testing | Scale-up, campaign processing, operation of polymer synthesis technical centers

Polymer Synthesis research topics

Polymers are products by process, meaning products whose characteristics are affected very significantly by the processing methods.


Our focus is

  • the development and scale-up of processes
  • the safe and efficient synthesis of polymers
  • maintaining the characteristics desired by the client. 

Polymers are not uniform products, but are always characterized by product distribution like molar mass distribution, comonomer composition distribution etc. The specific adjustment of this distribution and the polymer microstructure is an important task during the development of formulas and processes.

Polymerization processes are characterized by an extremely complex kinetic process, for which we develop quantitative models in research projects. Polymer synthesis is often a very exothermic reaction and presents a significant increase in viscosity. Mastering the challenges of these procedural techniques is a major task in the development of procedures for polymer synthesis processes.

The focus of our research activities in regard to material is the synthesis of elastomers, especially synthetic rubber.

Ulrich Wendler

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Dr. Ulrich Wendler

Head of department | Synthesis and Product Development

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Marcus Vater

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Dr.-Ing. Marcus Vater

Head of department | Scale-up und Pilot Testing

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06258  Schkopau

Phone +49 3461 2598-230

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