Press release / 3.4.2024

Evolution of synthetic rubber: bio-based raw materials and new types of rubber


Press release / 9.8.2023

Novel high-performance polyamide tapes with unidirectional glass fiber reinforcement


Press release / 5.5.2023

AI-based solutions to reduce microplastic emissions from tire wear


Press release / 21.4.2023

Lightweight vehicle structures with integrated electronic components for electric cars


News / 4.4.2023

Environmentally friendly and resource-saving plastic substitute products made from flour


News / 23.3.2023

Bio-based winding cores made from wood flour and starch


News / 9.12.2021

RUBIO provides bio-booster for the plastics industry in Central Germany


Press release / 4.11.2021

11 million euros for future technologies at Fraunhofer PAZ Schkopau


Press release / 1.4.2019

Truck tires with less abrasion - Synthetic rubber outperforms natural rubber