Equipment | Polymer Processing

The focus in the polymer processing pilot plant is on the processing of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. The equipment available includes Twin screw extruders, a line for the production of UD tapes, injection molding machines, and two injection molding compounders. available. In the case of the latter machine, both working steps (injection molding and compounding) are carried out in a single step, which is carried out in a single step. The throughput, mold size and degree of automation of the allow the production of parts suitable for series production, for example for  sampling purposes.

Group Thermoplastic Semi-finished Fiber Composites


UD tape plant UD500

  • melting impregnation
  • working width 500 mm
  • temperature control up to 350 °C
  • max. 15 m/min process speed


UD tape plant UD50

  • Melt impregnation
  • working width 50 mm
  • temperature controlled up to 350 °C
  • max. 15 m/min process speed


Parallel, free configurable twin screw extruder, laboratory scale-up to pilot scale (0,2 - 400 kg/h)

  • melt pumps
  • strand, underwater pelletizing, hot face
  • mixing and conveying elements
  • gravimetric Flexwall Doser, Gravimetric Agitator Doser
  • vertical two wells stuffing unit, two wells sided feeders,
  • roving dosing unit with platform scale
  • gas dosing pump
  • vacuum facility


Single-screw extruder

  • L/D = 30, D = 45 mm
  • max. speed 200 rpm


Profile extrusion

  • calibrating table, discharging conveyor, saw
  • various profile extrusion tools (plates, double multi-skin plates)
  • co-Extrusion


Mini-Compounder with conical double screws

  • temperature control up to 350°C, parallel and anti-directional conical screws, two pressure sensors for the determination of viscosity, adaptable external sensors (for example NIR)


Mini injection molding facility

  • temperature control up to 400 °C, mould temperature up to 250 °C, injection pressure max. 1200 bar, various test piece geometrics


Laboratory kneader

  • temperature control up to 400 °C, material quantities max. 300 g

2D tape placer

  • Dimensions: L=2100mm W=1200 mm H=2100 mm
  • Max. depositing area in x 500 mm and in y 700 mm
  • Maximum speed of linear axes 1 m/s
  • Manual adjustment of the Z-axis


3D tape placer

  • Installation area approx.: L=2800mm W=2800mm H=2100 mm
  • Depositing area approx. 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 700 mm
  • Maximum speed < 0,5 m/s


Injection Molding Compounder KM 3200–24500 MX IMC

  • Injection Molding Compounder with a 3200 ton clamping force
  • tools with a maximum shot weight 20000 grams (PS)
  • configurable parallel twin screw extruder for diverse processes
  • gravimetrical dosing system for free flowing granulates, powder, continuous roving and cut glass fibers, various natural fibers
  • further configurations: Injection stamping, pneumatic and hydraulic cascade, de-conforming, extraction of pieces with a robot, vacuum degassing, ejector cross as per Euro map


Injection Molding Machine KM200–1000C2

  • Injection Molding Compounder with a 200 ton clamping force
  • tools with a maximum shot weight 476 grams (PS)
  • further configurations: injection stamping, tool temperature control up to 140 °C
  • two-shot Injection molding machine SP160, vertical, with a max. shot weight of 68 grams (PS)
  • completely automatic production cell with IR-heating station as well as handling robots for the production of lightweight structures in hybrid injection molding process through forming and reshaping of continuous reinforced depositors


Engel V-Duo 7050/700

  • Vertical line (use of gravity for OB forming), HK baffle available
  • Automation cell with IR oven and robotic gripper handling for organosheet or organosandwich processing
  • MuCell package (physical foaming), injection-compression package
  •  Processing of high temperature thermoplastics up to 450°C possible


Engel Duo 8160/900

  • Horizontal system (corresponds to conventional SGM)
  • Automation cell with movable IR oven and 2x robot gripper handling for organo sheet and organo sandwich processing respectively
  • 2 x 6-axis robots: easix KR50 R2500 and KR120 R3500 for cold and hot handling


Analysis of process-related material behavior

  • Rheological measurement methods and characterization of the process behavior of short-, long- and continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (including shear frame tests, temperature-dependent tensile tests, DMA, DSC, LFA, HKV...)
  • Material modeling with Digimat
  • Analysis and simulation of thermoforming behavior as well as process and component optimization (e.g. cutting optimization) of tape and fabric organosheets with LS-DYNA
  • Analysis and simulation of thermoforming behavior of thermoplastic sandwich semi-finished products (e.g. with honeycomb or with foam core) with newly developed FE approaches in LS-DYNA
  • Simulation of injection molding, hybrid injection molding and foam injection molding with Moldex- 3D

Sustainable Materials and Processes Group


Rheological measuring methods

  • High pressure capillary viscometer (manufacturer: Göttfert, maximum extrusion force: 20kN, temperature range: 60-400°C, ISO 11443)
  • PVT measuring device (manufacturer: Göttfert, temperatures of up to 500°C and cooling rates of up to 30 K/min, pressure range up to 2500 bar, optional isobaric or isothermal measurements, ISO 17744)


3D printing with polymer materials

  • Creator3 (manufacturer: Flashprint, process: FDM - 2-fold extruder, installation space: 250 mm x 200 mm x 300 mm)
  • Finder (manufacturer: Flashprint, process: FDM, package size: 140 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm)
  • MarkOne (manufacturer: Markforged, process: FDM + continuous fiber, package size: 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm)
  • Composer A4 (manufacturer: Anisoprint, process: FDM - 2-fold extruder, continuous fiber reinforcement, package size: 297 mm x 210 mm x 140 mm)
  • RF2000 (manufacturer: Renkforce, process: FDM - 2-fold extruder /metal filament, package size: 180 mm x 200 mm x 230 mm)
  • 3ntr-A4v4 (manufacturer: 3ntr, process: FDM - 3-fold extruder, package size: 295 mm x 167 mm x 200 mm)
  • SpaceA 1100-500-S (manufacturer: Yizumi, process: Granular - 6-axis 3D printing, build envelope: 1100 mm reach).
  • 3D printing with metallic materials
  • TruPrint 1000 (manufacturer: Trumpf, process: SLS - pure copper, CuCr1Zr, CuNi2SiCr, CuSn10, stainless steel possible, installation space: Ø 100 mm x H 100 mm)

Polymeric Material Design - Elastomer Processing Group at Fraunhofer PAZ


internal mixer GK 1,5E

  • intermeshing PES5 rotors
  • chamber volume 1,5l
  • rotor speed 10-200 min-1
  • drive power max. 48 kW


Internal mixer GK 5ET

  • intermeshing PES5 rotors
  • chamber volume 5 l
  • rotor speed 10-150 min-1
  • drive power max. 90 kW


Laboratory rolling mill Tecnolab MM 300x600 VF

  • roll diameter300 mm
  • roll length 600 mm
  • rotational speed < 21 min-1
  • output power 2 x 11 kW


Vulcanizing press RUCKS K275

  • pressing force 1.000 kN
  • plate size 400 x 400 mm²
  • distance between plates 300 mm
  • Temperature < 250 °C


Rubber extruder EEK 45.14 Rubicon

  • Screw diameter 45 mm
  • Screw length 14 D
  • Speed 3-70 min-1Drive power 12 kW
  • Melt pump ZRP 36/32
  • Rheometer tool


Process characterization

  • Moving Die Rheometer MDR (Montech)
  • Mooney viscometer MV 3000 (Montech)
  • Shore A hardness tester (Montech)
  • Rebound elasticity tester (Bareiss)
  • Abrasion tester DIN ISO 4649:2002 (Bareiss)
  • Optical microscope incident light (Bresser)

Polyurethane plant RIM Star 8/8 CCM from Krauss Maffei Technologies GmbH for Clear-Coat Molding

Double band press for continuous laminate production

  • work width 1.000 mm
  • temperature control up to 250 °C
  • 0,2 - 8 m/min transport speed


Laminate Press

  • 400 x 400 mm work width
  • temperature control up to 400 °C
  • maximum press pressure 10 N/mm


Static mixer

  • with connections for physical propellants (CO2 and N2)


Polymer-powder mill, shredder unit, roller mill

Fiber cutting unit

  • speed of production: 50 - 500 m/min
  • staple length 1.5 - 98 mm
  • cable strength with cutting gap 3 mm: 3000 - 65000 dtex


Dry air dryer

  • separate drying and regenerating circuit
  • drying temperature-adjustment up to 160 °C

Polyurethane plant

  • RIM-Star 8/8 CCM from Krauss Maffei Technologies GmbH
  • Clear-Coat Molding


Double band press for continuous laminate production

  •  working width 1,000 mm
  • temperature controlled up to 250 °C
  • 0.2-8 m/min transport speed


Laminate press

  •  400 x 400 mm working width
  • temperable up to 400 °C
  • maximum press pressure 10 N/mm


Static mixer

  • with connections for physical blowing agents (CO2 and N2)


Polymer powder mill, shredder, roller mill


Fiber cutting

  • Production speed: 50 - 500 m/min
  • staple lengths 1.5 - 98 mm
  • wire thickness with cutting gap 3 mm: 3,000-65,000 dtex


Dry air dryer

  •   separate drying and regeneration circuit
  • drying temperature adjustment up to 160 °C